Pomodoro Method

Falling into deepwork

DeepWork for Learning programmers

I have been studying up on DeepWork and I decided to share a few things.

  • Deep Work Helps You Quickly Learn Hard Things
  • Deep Work Helps You Produce at an Elite Level

If you don’t produce, you won’t thrive– no matter how skilled or talented you are. I would say produce for the real world not only yourself.

The two core abilities just described depend on your ability to perform deep work. If you haven’t mastered this foundational skill, you’ll struggle to learn hard things or produce at an elite level.

And what makes the experts (elites) different from normal people is DELIBERATE PRACTICE.

Its core components are usually identified as follows:

  • Your attention is focused tightly on a specific skill you’re trying to improve or an idea you’re trying to master; – you can’t learn everything at once, focus on a specific skills and improve on it.
  • You receive feedback so you can correct your approach to keep your attention exactly where it’s most productive. -Share your progress, ask questions no-one knows all. Connect, interact.

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